IVF Transfer (Part 2): Needles and Rest

Hello, welcome to the second part of my IVF journey which I will describe the process of preparing for the IVF embryo transfer the week prior. I received confirmation that my blood levels and uterus lining looked good. Which means I have a scheduled date (in two days) for the transfer. Woo hoo!

In the meantime, I have to fatten up the uterus with estrogen patches and progesterone injections (my least favorite). I’m already seeing my acupuncturist (I recommend once a week) and definitely seeing her an hour before the transfer and after. Does acupuncture work? My attitude is, I know it does relax me and if there’s any possibility of improving my chances, why not.

Progesterone shot spot on the daily – ouch

I inject the progesterone before 9am every morning. On my first try, I failed to locate the meatiest part of my hip (right above your buttocks) to inject, so I bled and bruised. But I’m confident I will be an expert in two weeks. There are two needles they provide you — a pink and a gray one. You pull out the correct dosage from the vial (mine is 1.5 ml) with the pink needle and then you inject with the gray needle. Again, you have to get used to needles.

Progesterone and needles

Since my husband has been keeping things stress-free at home (lots of hugs, kisses, and Netflix), my mood swings haven’t been detrimental to our relationship. YET. I have been craving corn on the cob and fried chicken. The acupuncturist advised against consuming anything with ice (that includes ice cream, Vietnamese coffee, etc.) and the nurses recommend that I eat as if I was pregnant. Meaning, no alcohol, caffeine, or sushi. Read the next post here (Part 3) regarding your IVF diet regimen and the anticipation of “the call”.

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