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10 Tips on How to Live Happily + Comfortably in a Small House

I live in a 890 sq ft (82.68 m²) home with my husband and a bulldog puppy. At first, I didn’t think it was possible to live happily and comfortably in a small house. We moved from a 1400 sq. ft space, so it took some getting used to. However, after 9 months, I realized with the following tips, you can certainly adapt well and contently with a smaller house.

Neutral rug is perfect for tiny spaces – doesn’t dark the room

1. Tidy up every day. Thankfully and gratefully, my German husband keeps our house clean and clutter-free. He tells me the secret to a happy home is it being clean. I agree with him, and we do pick up after ourselves. He does a deep cleaning once a week and it makes both of us happy.

2. Tiny space doesn’t mean bland decor. Since my early twenties (you don’t have to remind me that I am now in my forties), I have been collecting vintage art pieces and furniture. I love a good pop of color, like this red Herman Miller chair.

Our red Herman Miller chair adds a pop of color to the living room
Ibsen enjoying the reading nook

3. Don’t hoard, Marie Kondo it. Sometimes I can’t seem to let go. But you know what. I no longer have space for items that do not “spark joy”. Time to donate and get those tax deductions.

4. Two-for-One-Specials. Rooms can also multi-task. For example, we converted the second bedroom into my office and wellness room. I exercise, study, and enjoy my alone time there.

Our minimalist bedroom with white walls and bed linens to brighten up the room
Painted white walls, fireplace, and an added mirror allows the space to feel spacious

5. Renovate and create more space. We renovated our kitchen on a tiny budget (under $3000 and will post soon and separately) by hiring a carpenter and handyman to paint our cabinetry white. We also hired a local artisan to build a kitchen island in lieu of a non-existing dining room. The new open concept layout was ideal because it created more space to move around without walls.

6. Daylight makes the space feels bigger. We replaced the curtains with sheer materials and light-colored cordless wooden blinds to raise them all the way.

Sheer curtains lets in natural light for happy plants

7. Paint in white. Rooms look airy and bright in white. If you do want colors, I suggest painting one wall in the room as an accent, but not to darken or cramp the space.

8. Make it float or surface-free. Floating shelves doesn’t take counter space. For the bedroom, consider wall-mounted sconces (plug-in models do not require electricians).

White shower curtains brightens up the small bathroom

9. Add mirrors. Mirrors opens up the space, reflecting light from different angles. I like hanging a mirror over a fireplace mantel or near windows.

10. Clear or white shower curtain. This really brightens up the small bathroom. It made a big difference to my eyes.

Leave your tips or comments for your small space below! 👇

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