Art of Staying Home and Keeping Sane

I had already been self isolating for two weeks since returning from Banff for a sponsored work trip. Working from home alone has been normalized since I quit my corporate job years ago. This work structure is certainly not new to me, however this pandemic added new layers of complexities which causes some interesting challenges. So let’s discuss!


Daily rituals of having coffee with friends is no longer an option. So I make coffee at home and eat a healthy breakfast to fire up my brain cells. I love organic and gluten free chocolate oats with oat milk, a spoonful of organic peanut butter, and a whole banana. Side note, I do support our local farmers by purchasing their weekly “grab and go” for $40. They provide fresh fruits and vegetables (sometimes salsas, too) and I often incorporate them into my breakfast or meals. 


Create your own home outfit. I know I’m weird, but I do my makeup (takes me 5 minutes) and wear cozy alternatives like cotton shirts and jogger pants to pajamas while working from home. These simple acts help me prepare mentally for unexpected video meetings.


I love having lunch in the backyard with the husband and the dog. Or go meditate. Sometimes, I stream a work out session in the babe cave. Taking a break makes you feel less anxious and stir-crazy.


Ahh, those hair and nail appointments are things of the past (for now). Doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself at home. I’ve ordered nail kits and hair dyes to experiment. It makes me feel put together.


There is a silver lining to all of this! While staying in can feel isolating, I feel more connected to my family and friends through video chats and social media. I’ve designed post cards (in another post) and hand written some letters the good old fashioned way.

As we all continue to navigate social distancing, it’s important to do it for ourselves and communities. We are all in this together and we will get through it.  💪❤️

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