RECAP: We Moved to Raleigh!

I miss you guys! I haven’t posted in a year and decided to update everyone about our recent move to Raleigh earlier this year. Turns out, my mom was missing California and could not adapt well to Texas, so collectively, we decided to move her back to Orange County with her friends earlier this year (April 2023).

Carly invited me several times to Raleigh, and after my birthday visit in January, Severin and I made an offer on a downtown bungalow the following March. We rented out the Texas home, drove 24 consecutive hours from Texas to Raleigh with the bulldogs, and were living in Raleigh by the first week of May. Fast-forward to July, we closed on another Raleigh home (the housing market is fire here) and will move into our bigger house in the Five Points neighborhood by the end of September with the plan to rent out the smaller downtown bungalow. It’s been a real estate investment adventure! With two Tulum studios (one pending villa), a Texas home, and now two Raleigh homes, I am now confident in our growing passive income portfolio.

In the meantime, I actively joined a car club, a local gym with a weekly trainer, and a nearby golf clinic to improve my game. No rest for the wicked! I am hoping to fly more often and would love to take helicopter lessons, but we shall see.

We often get questions on why we relocated to Raleigh from LA, which seems logical because to be honest, we do miss LA. The weather, our friends and family, our Catholic Church, Asian restaurants, no mosquitoes, and lifestyle. Not gonna lie, we would love to move back, but not sure when and how. We loved Beverly Hills, and let’s just say the current housing prices there are not welcoming. We’ll keep you posted on the moving-back-to-California plan! In the meantime, we will enjoy Raleigh and Tulum. I do love Raleigh’s Southern hospitality vibe, cute restaurants, cafés, and boutiques, and scenic hiking trails.

I already remodeled and designed the bungalow to rent out, and I am looking forward to designing the Five Points ranch home. Stay tuned for photos!

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