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Working from Home Top 10 Tips

I’ve been working from home for four years now and to be honest, at first, it was very challenging. I’m a gregarious person, so it wasn’t easy to adapt to isolation for long periods of time. So I’m sharing my top 10 tips to creating a comfortable and productive space so you don’t have to figure it out from scratch.

1. Plants

I used to have black thumbs until I started owning indoor plants. Watering and feeding them was one of the highlights of my day. They add aesthetics and color to any room and best of all, they brighten my mood. Plants are a great way to make your home office feel more alive. And as a bonus, they increase oxygen levels.

2. Good Lighting

Essential element to lift your spirits. Make sure your office is light and bright all day and then contrast that by utilizing lower levels of light like dimmers and candles.

3. Marie Kondo Your Space

An organized space is definitely a key to production, so get some drawers, filing cabinets, boxes, or shelving to keep everything in order and your workspace clutter-free.

4. Make Your Space Personal

Photographs, travel souvenirs, inspirational quotes and imagery can spark creativity and keep things positive to mitigate stress.

5. Keep the Noise Down

Invest in a good set of noise-cancelling headphones, especially if you’re married to a loud roommate or spouse (I’m the loud one, in case you’re wondering) and sharing living space.

6. Virtual Dates

Take a break and go on a 10-15 minute virtual date with a friend or family member. It breaks the monotony of the typical work day. I schedule coffee chats, champagne Happy Hours, and online games, all virtually, and it keeps me happy and sane.

7. Snuggly Blanket

I personally love a good snuggly blanket to keep my arms or legs warm during brisk mornings or evenings. Feels cozy and definitely comfortable. I’m more productive when I don’t have to think about turning on the heater in the middle of the day.

8. Healthy Snacks

I always keep water and some healthy snacks nearby because I’m constantly hungry. I stock up on my favorite fruits and vegetables (I get mine from the local farmer to help support their business). Some so-called experts would argue against eating at your desk, but hey, you’re now at home.

9. At-Home Wardrobe

When you look good, you also feel good has been my mantra. Sitting at my desk all day, I have the occasional urge to dress up, but comfortably. For those days, I do my own make-up (contour, eyebrows, and eye shadows) and dress in a cute top and jeans. Otherwise, I’m in overalls (I do house projects). Feel free to express yourself with your own WFH lounge wear. Wear clothing you’d feel comfortable in and not feel embarrassed on a video call.

10. Workout Gear

Have a yoga mat or dumb bells nearby and stream a workout session during breaks. It’s good for your physical and mental being. My creativity seems to come out after a good sweat session anyway.

Hoping these tips will help you create a comfortable and productive space in your new working from home lifestyle.

Do you have WFH tips to share? Leave a comment!

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